Vertic─ô Claims Information Web Portal


  • notification.
  • authorization.
  • information.

Verticē is our proprietary web-based claims portal available only to Healthesystems clients. It serves as a centralized resource for claims professionals — a single source of real-time information about pharmacy and ancillary medical benefits claims activities. It is where clients can efficiently manage provider transactions, run reports and quickly access:

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    Prior Authorizations

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    Drug alerts

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    Claims management tools

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    Guidance documents

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    Educational materials

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    Clinical reference guides

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    Clinical and regulatory publications

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    Advanced reporting & analytics



Verticē  [vur-tuh-see]
noun, plural

1. The highest point of something; apex; summit; top.

2. The point at which the sides of an angle intersect.

3. Where quality data intersects and becomes actionable information — exclusive for Healthesystems clients.

Robust Capabilities

Verticē offers a robust suite of services that streamlines complex tasks by automating workflows. Claims professionals’ valuable time is freed up to focus on the most critical claims. Key features include:

  • Client-defined automated workflows, escalation and messaging
  • Real-time processing of authorizations, requests for service and referrals for pharmacy and ancillary medical services
  • Report tools and templates to measure all aspects of program performance
  • Extensive search capability of claimant transaction history
  • Access to historical pharmacy and ancillary medical transactions
  • Data export capability to common desktop software applications
  • Client-defined security roles to restrict dissemination of confidential data

Easy to Use

Verticē is intuitive. Navigation is simple. It is a real-time workflow and information management portal. Verticē’s graphical dashboard provides easy access to important claim information with drill down capability to the individual claim level.