Technological Excellence

We are technology innovators.

Exceptional technological capabilities enable us to seamlessly integrate with the claims management system of even the largest workers’ compensation payers and customize plan designs and workflows to meet their needs.

  • Unrivaled expertise.

    Unrivaled expertise.

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    Data visualization leaders.

  • Quality focused.

    Quality focused.

Our technology innovators are...

  • ProgrammersProgrammers
  • Software DevelopersSoftware Developers
  • Data ScientistsData Scientists
  • Data analystsAnalysts
  • Data SecurityData Security
  • Quality AssuranceQuality Assurance Specialists

A Solid Foundation

Technology is at the foundation of everything we do — from adjudicating pharmacy and ancillary medical transactions and bills at the point of sale to identifying risks and managing overall program performance. Healthesystems leverages technological innovation to: ​

  • Maximize network penetration
  • Optimize utilization
  • Create sophisticated monitoring tools
  • Implement data quality controls
  • Help clients comply with state reporting requirements
  • Incorporate evidence-based medical guidelines into our solutions

Online Claims Management

Verticē is the web-based claims portal where we consolidate all pharmacy and ancillary medical claims activities and communication. Verticē offers more than 6,300 users a single location where they can instantly access reports, alerts, prior authorization requests, tools, publications, clinical guidance and more.

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Mobile Apps

Apple and Android users can look up medication information and access drug and compliance alerts on their smartphone. Download the Healthesystems app for Android or Apple. IPad users interested in keeping up with current and emerging trends in workers’ compensation can download Healthesystems’ RxInformer clinical journal app for iPad. Search Healthesystems on the App Store.

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Advanced Analytics

Our capabilities in advanced analytics give us the means to dig deep into the complex landscape of workers’ compensation claims. Our data scientists and analysts work hand-in-hand with clinical staff to identify the most critical cost and risk drivers so we can put strategies and tools in place to address them.

Healthesystems is leading the industry with data visualization and predictive modeling initiatives that are providing new insights and putting informative new tools in the hands of payers and claims professionals.

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