VigilantRx Clinical Services

Dr. Robert Goldberg

"Our comprehensive clinical program draws from evidence-based medicine to optimize care for injured workers and maintain control over pharmacy spending.”

-Dr. Robert Goldberg, Occupational Medicine Specialist and Chief Medical Officer, Healthesystems

Our approach is unique. Through our VigilantRx clinical services program, we go beyond processing transactions to deliver best-in-class pharmacy and ancillary medical benefits solutions that:
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    Improve patient safety

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    Ensure quality care for injured workers

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    Maximize treatment effectiveness

  • Significantly reduce the total cost of care.

    Significantly reduce the total cost of care

The expertise of our distinguished clinical staff enables Healthesystems to integrate strategies into our PBM solution that proactively address the most pressing challenges affecting drug utilization. This includes opioids, polypharmacy, physician dispensing & repackaged drugs, compounds, fraud, misuse and abuse and more.

The VigilantRx comprehensive suite of tools and clinical services offers insights and guidance to payers and prescribers. It draws from current evidence-based medicine and includes:

  • Medication plan design and analysis
  • Comprehensive patient drug therapy reviews
  • Educational outreach to prescribers
  • Consultation on medication and alternative therapies
  • Alerts concerning emerging drug therapy risks
  • Independent pharmacotherapy evaluations (IPEs)

Opioid Management Program

One of the most significant cost and risk drivers in workers’ compensation is the inappropriate prescribing of opioids. Too often, claims involving opioid therapy account for upwards of 20 percent of a payer’s total prescription drug costs and involve instances of abuse and misuse. An industry-leading comprehensive opioid management program is an integral part of the VigilantRx clinical suite.

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