Comprehensive Opioid Management

A comprehensive opioid management program is an important component of our pharmacy benefit management solution. The clinically driven program gives payers control over inappropriate opioid prescribing — and the associated high costs and risks.

Built on a foundation of evidence-based medicine, our program encourages patient-centered care. The focus is on restoring function and returning patients to work versus a focus on treating the pain. Our evidence-based solution combines proprietary medication therapy management tools with easy to use technology tools to drive immediate detection and intervention of inappropriate opioid treatments.

Opioid Management


Our program delivers a number of benefits to clients, injured workers and employers:

  • Reduced overall medical and case costs
  • Reduced adverse effects of pain treatment
  • Reduced length and cost of opioid drug treatment
  • Decreased disability
  • Enhanced patient recovery
  • Increased likelihood of a quick return to work

Early Intervention

Clinicians with special expertise in therapeutic pain management designed and guide our multifaceted program. The program incorporates advanced analytics to identify opioid risks early so appropriate intervention can occur. Program components include:

  • Screening and assessment tools
  • Pain contracts
  • Informed consent
  • Alerts
  • Letters
  • Reports
  • OpioidRx risk calculation tools
  • Peer-to-peer interventions
  • Independent pharmacotherapy evaluations
  • Monitoring programs including urine drug screenings
  • Clinical guidance documents
  • PharmD clinical tele-consultations
  • Clinical articles
  • Drug information line

Our comprehensive opioid management program is delivering extraordinary results for claims of all ages, including legacy claims involving chronic pain treatment.

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