Clinical Excellence

Clinical excellence sets us apart.

A diverse group of clinicians with backgrounds in occupational medicine and pharmacotherapy help drive extraordinary results. Individually, they bring specialized knowledge of musculoskeletal injuries, pain management, alternative therapies, specialty drugs, managed care and other areas critical to workers’ compensation. We integrate their expertise into our best-in-class pharmacy and ancillary medical solutions. The clinical staff plays a significant role in shaping our cost management solutions. Their expertise enables our solutions to reach well beyond managing pharmacy and ancillary medical transactions to:

  • Improve patient safety

    Improve patient safety.

  • Ensure quality care for injured workers.

    Ensure quality care for injured workers.

  • Significantly reduce the total cost of care.

    Significantly reduce the total cost of care.

“The ultimate goal is for a patient to physically recover, not to simply manage their pain. Once physicians consistently approach pain relief as a tool to help speed recovery, everything will change.”

– Dr. Robert Goldberg, Occupational Medicine Specialist and Chief Medical Officer, Healthesystems

Integral Partners

Our chief medical officer is an occupational medicine specialist well versed in the application of evidence-based medicine in managing workplace injuries. He guides a staff of expert clinical pharmacists. Their in-depth understanding of therapeutic drug treatments complements his medical expertise.

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Our clinicians work behind the scenes and alongside clients to ensure that utilization is well managed and injured workers receive appropriate therapies. Through robust clinical analytics, they identify risks and opportunities in claims populations and shape strategies and tools to intervene — often in partnership with our technology staff.

Our clinical staff guides payers through clinical decisions that affect overall program performance. They ensure that our solutions are proactive, flexible and reflect current evidence-based medicine protocols.

Our Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee provides evidence based clinical guidance for plan design recommendations and continuous quality improvement initiatives.

Specialized Clinical Services

Through our VigilantRx program, our clinicians provide a suite of specialized services integrated into our PBM solution. These services address the most pressing issues in workers’ compensation and enable us to best manage program and plan design.

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Recognized for High Standards

Healthesystems was recognized for our commitment to maintaining quality standards and accountability. We meet the strict standards set by URAC, the health care accrediting organization that establishes quality standards for the health care industry and received
full accreditation for workers’ compensation and property and casualty pharmacy benefits management.