Ancillary Benefits Management

Groundbreaking Ancillary Benefits Management Solution

Healthesystems has designed a unique and revolutionary approach to manage workers’ compensation ancillary medical services. This groundbreaking solution provides clients with a centralized tool for managing the quality, costs and services of their ancillary providers in real time. Our proprietary ABM solution prospectively adjudicates all ancillary services prior to being provided, resulting in greater savings and optimal utilization.

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    Performance transparency.

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    Centralized management.

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    Measurable results.

The ABM program manages ancillary medical services such as...

  • Durable Medical Equipment

    Durable Medical Equipment

  • Home Health Care

    Home Health Care

  • Electrotherap


  • Translation Services

    Translation Services

  • Transportation Services

    Transportation Services

  • Home & Vehicle Modifications

    Home & Vehicle Modifications

  • Hearing Services

    Hearing Services

  • Physical Medicine

    Physical Medicine

  • Orthotics & Prosthetics

    Orthotics & Prosthetics

  • Orthotics & Prosthetics


  • Orthotics & Prosthetics


A Single Point of Connection

Our centralized platform for managing all ancillary vendors, Verticē, allows claims professionals to perform real-time referrals and authorizations.

A Simplified Solution

We removed the complexities from a cumbersome system. We replaced it with a fully managed transparent solution with customized workflows. We automated everything from referrals and prior authorizations to billing and payments. Gone are the manual tasks, endless calls, emails and bill disputes. In its place is an efficient system that:

  • Optimizes utilization
  • Reduces spending
  • Provides detailed, accurate bills
  • Measures vendor performance
  • Frees up claims professionals to focus on high risk claims


Clinically Driven

Our focus on medically appropriate, quality care sets our ABM program apart. The involvement of our Clinical Services staff in our ABM solution provides payers with an added measure of confidence that physical medicine, home health, and additional services are being managed in accordance with evidence-based medical guidelines. 

Transparent Bills

Our proprietary detailed coding structure eliminates guesswork. We assign unique codes and descriptions to every product – more descriptive than the commonly misused HCPCS codes. Payers no longer struggle with mysterious miscellaneous codes. They know exactly what product or service a claimant will receive and how much it will cost before they are delivered and the bill arrives. That’s the power of prospective adjudication in real time.

This high level of detail eliminates waste and provides a basis for comparing vendors’ performance against one another with our vendor management scorecard. We drive optimal performance and set best practices among all ancillary vendors to deliver better outcomes.

Significant Savings

Our innovative ABM solution achieves significant cost savings through:

  • Reduced unit costs
  • Maximized network penetration
  • Improved utilization management