Healthesystems announces appointment of two executives to guide service delivery and product innovation

Healthesystems announces appointment of two executives to guide service delivery and product innovation

Healthesystems, a specialty provider of medical cost management solutions for workers’ compensation insurance payers, is pleased to announce the appointment of two long-standing company leaders to executive roles that will guide service delivery, innovation, and growth.  Kristine Kennedy, EVP/General Manager, will lead the ancillary benefits management (ABM) business solution. Matt Hewitt, EVP/General Manager, will lead the pharmacy benefit management (PBM) business solution. Ms. Kennedy and Mr. Hewitt will have full responsibility for these business units and will report directly to Daryl Corr, President of Healthesystems.

Having been with Healthesystems since its inception, Mr. Hewitt and Ms. Kennedy bring an intricate knowledge of the company’s products and customers, as well as a deep understanding of the workers’ compensation market. “The quality of Healthesystems’ products is a testament to their direct and ongoing involvement, and their appointment to these roles will ensure customers experience the value we offer as an integrated partner,” says Mr. Corr. “Kristine and Matt are highly dedicated to providing a world-class customer experience that results in better patient outcomes and lowest net cost to our clients.”

In a time of rapid change within the workers’ compensation industry, Healthesystems is proud to remain an independent and highly specialized organization that continues to prioritize the current and future needs of its customers and injured worker claimants. Workers’ compensation is a dynamic market that requires dedication and focus, and Healthesystems is committed to investing in critical areas that benefit its customers in the long-term. Healthesystems is excited to appoint Ms. Kennedy and Mr. Hewitt, two individuals who embody the company’s dedication to servicing customers and delivering innovative solutions that will enhance medical care management strategies.

About Healthesystems

Healthesystems is a specialty provider of innovative medical cost management solutions for the workers’ compensation industry. The company’s comprehensive product portfolio includes a leading pharmacy benefit management (PBM) program, expert clinical review services, and a revolutionary ancillary benefits management (ABM) solution for prospectively managing ancillary medical services such as durable medical equipment (DME), home health, transportation and translation services. By leveraging innovation, powerful technology, clinical expertise and enhanced workflow automation tools, Healthesystems provides clients with flexible programs that reduce the total cost of medical care while increasing the quality of care for injured workers. To learn more about Healthesystems, visit