Revealing hidden drug therapy risks

Pain specialist

- Oxycodone for acute pain
- Celecoxib for inflammation
- Carisoprodol as muscle relaxant

General practitioner

- Metoprolol for hypertension
- Alprazolam for anxiety
- Fluoxetine for depression

Undocumented behaviors

- Alcohol consumption
- Nonadherence to metoprolol
Comprehensive data analysis can help inform treatment recommendations

Can you identify the underlying concerns affecting the trajectory of this injured worker claim? Without all of the information, it’s difficult.

Rollover the icons to reveal the missing data. Then uncover the hidden treatment concerns below.


Pain due to shoulder tear
A history of hypertension
New-onset depression


Pain specialist has prescribed an opioid analgesic to manage acute pain, an NSAID to reduce inflammation, and the muscle relaxant carisoprodol
General practitioner has prescribed alprazolam and fluoxetine for symptoms of anxiety/depression developing post-injury
Beta-blocker treatment (metoprolol) is ongoing


Multiple prescribers
“Unholy” trinity of opioid + benzodiazepine + carisoprodol
Increased risk of cardiovascular event due to NSAID
Nonadherence to hypertension medication due to polypharmacy
Additive sedative effects of alcohol when combined with the muscle relaxant carisoprodol and the benzodiazepine alprazolam
Evidence of psychosocial concerns (anxiety, depression)

Identify prescription drug therapy risks in real time

Healthesystems’ clinical analytics tools allow claims professionals to monitor and measure outcomes for complex issues impacting workers’ compensation. Integrated into our innovative PBM program, our toolset presents complex data in an easy to understand format, and delivers guidance and recommendations that enable users to actively manage drug therapy issues and control costs.


    Risk Management Dashboard

    Visually identify emerging risks


    OpioidRx RISC Score

    Detailed insight into opioid prescribing trends


    Polypharmacy Analytics

    Uncover dangerous and costly multiple medication use

  • Risk Management Dashboard, the newest addition to Healthesystems’ clinical analytics suite, helps identify complex prescription drug therapy risks and visually summarizes claims that require close attention and quick action. The dashboard enables claims professionals to effectively manage opioid use and improves outcomes for injured workers, employers, and payers.

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  • Our comprehensive OpioidRx RISC Score tool analyzes trends associated with patient opioid use and visually depicts the trend for quick identification of therapy risk. The visualization of these data, along with other dynamic features, provides detailed insight into opioid prescribing trends on multiple levels — from individual claims to an entire claim population.

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  • Our Polypharmacy Analytics advanced reporting feature enhances patient safety by delivering detailed medication regimen information and visually identifying concurrent drug possession that may be cause for concern. Claims professionals can easily view gaps in therapy adherence and drug possession timelines.

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