New Jersey Passes Five-Day Opioid Prescription Limit

New Jersey Passes Five-Day Opioid Prescription Limit

After issuing an executive order calling for a limit on initial opioid prescriptions, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed Assembly Bill 3 which places a five-day limit on initial opioid prescriptions for the treatment of acute pain.

The bill also requires that prior to an initial prescription of any schedule II controlled substance or any other opioid, prescribers must:

  • Document a patient’s experience with non-opioid medication and non-pharmacological pain management
  • Note any history of substance abuse
  • Develop a treatment plan focused on determining the cause of the patient’s pain
  • Query a prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP)

The bill also instructs prescribers that they must wait no less than four days after issuing an initial opioid prescription prior to issuing any subsequent opioid prescriptions.

For further information, read the bill in full online.